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Alfa bank and instant money

When I’ve opened the massage with an invitation to the presentation of new service from Alfa Bank in Moscow, I was pleasantly surprised. Three times asked myself if they are sure or maybe they chose the wrong blogger. And then another three days hesitated to go or not, because it’s not my topic. Where are my favorite fashion images and girlish chatter, and where the banking services contract, interest rates, transfers are? But when I began to tell my friends about all that staff, about new service of instant transfers via the Internet without leaving home from Russia to Belarus and back, all of them became thoughtful and start to impose “Well, well, interesting . Very interesting”. Designers who work with boutiques in Russia even pressed me against the wall where?, how?, how much? It turned out that the issue is super burning and topical, that for small business is quite difficult to organize the transfer of small amounts to/from Russia. Sometimes the partners are too lazy to go to the bank, which transfers money to Belarus. Sometimes operator made a mistake in the name/address, and the money went nowhere and hung in the bank for months or so, while the sender wrote the application for return, was considered and returned, and then all over again. And no need to say about transfers to relatives. So I decided to go and write about it.

Presentation of the new service took place in the modern IT-space Alpha Lab, where it-staff develop and implement this new opportunity. We tripled the small tour of the floor. In general, I don’t like to work in the open workspaces because my productivity fall down in such atmosphere. But programmers are strange guys, probably,  it works for them.



Superheroes are everywhere. I guess they help to work hard))





Terrace with grill, bright colors and good view. All that it- guys love.


Vlogger  at work.

Then, everything was standard – officials talk about the prerequisites for a service that Belarus and Russia have similar legislation and problems with the introduction of the service has not arisen. In terms of Ukraine is more complicated, but this is about the future.


What the Alfa-Bank did? If you have an account (in any currency) in bank, for the transfer you need: money in the account! (Very important ))), phone number / account number / or number of the recipient card and be online. Go into internet banking, two clicks and the money is instantly transferred to the account in Russia or backwards. Very comfortable аnd all this without leaving your home. This pleasure costs 1.5%. At the product presentation it worked very cleverly and naturally.

Once I received all materials on this service I sent them to my brother because he is a financier, business analyst, and had business with Russia. He took a look and said “Service is good, convenient, easy, do not need to puzzle brain over how to transfer. It is quite same thing as PayPal for Americans. Previously small payments was a huge problem. It’s pity that the serves didn’t exist before I close my business.”


I couldn’t ignore beautiful outfits of the guests and started to shoot the details and accessories)))


Just perfect mary jane in a powder color.


Trousers, socks and shoes are perfectly matched.




Trip was excellent, the organization was at the highest level. I want more press tours like that. This time I’ve managed to find time for two pleasant breakfast meeting at Coffeemania, to takeaway coffee in the Double B and to walk on a warm evening in Moscow alone (probably the first time, not in a hurry and breathe, look, soak up the atmosphere). In addition the return on a new plane with a cornflower (his first trip ever! by the way). Just because it all came together, because I decided that everything will be fine.

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